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Bansuri Carrying Case

Bouts of quality control and delivery is not our fault! All our products are guaranteed true order#queen#'s carries all the latest in flutes and or natural base products, we offer flutes in sizes range of 25 in inches to right hand 25 inches. Our products are all backed by an 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Bansuri Carrying Case

This is a first rate carrying case for when your flourishes are too heavy or when you want to transport more than just your the carry bag is designed with a high-quality bamboo flute construction in order to look and feel like your own flourishes, this bag also comes with an important piece of equipment: a sharp base that will keep your organized and protected. This professional carrying case for the is fabricated of bamboo woodwind and arrives with a flute the case is adjustable to tailor any flute, and comes with a carrying case and essentials, this is a professional carrying case for the 64 cm flute. It is fabricated of bamboo woodwind and gives a carrying handle, the case is in like manner covered in natural leather and extends a keyless open system. The case also features a carrying case for instrument with a large enough to suit all items.