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Stylus Carrying Case

Our Stylus carrying case for the nintendo ds is manufactured to protect and store your device in style, it features a soft case that will protect your ds and make it feel soft to hold. Plus, for the stars, we have a game case that will keep your ds in good condition no matter what.

Stylus Carrying Case Ebay

This Stylus carrying case is top-of-the-heap for holding your (or other device) in the correct orientation! It also protects the device from falls and by carrying the Stylus in the case, the hard shell design means that this case won't be easily missing or broken, while the function will let you easily access your pencil while on the go. This is a Stylus carrying case that includes a belt buckle and clip-on belt sash, the case includes a chief focus being its carrying case with a built-in belt sash and a chief focus being its design. The case provides a light-up light over the belt sash and a big "stylus carrying case" on the front, the case is produced of durable materials like metal and plastic. This value combo pack includes a cases for the nintendo ds lite 7 in 1 and the r3 model, the cases for the nintendo ds lite 7 in 1 provide a safe and secure surrogate for your device to keep your cases and headphones. The cases also include the r3 model's ear buds in them so you can have all your headphones in one place, this bag is an unrivaled solution for individuals who itch to take their 3 ds on trips. It is produced out of durable materials and is produced to carry more things, the bag is likewise lightweight so that it won't suggest heavy bag when carrying. The bag also offers a front pocket that includes all of your cards, games, and also a built-in first person view camera, this is a top-grade case for an individual who wants to take their 3 ds with them on a trip.